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Cebu Fashion Shell Exporter, Shell Supply, Natural Shell Jewelry and Philippine Shell Jewelry

Cebu Capiz is one of the most popular sea shell component, shell specimen and natural shell material that is used for home walling decoration and hotel interior wall covering design and elegant affordable shell tile wall panel. Interior designers choose cebu capiz shell as main shell components of there products. Capiz shells are carefully processed to make beautiful Capiz mother of pearl tiles and wall panels, natural wall covering, natural wall surfacing, interior wall covering ideas, shell wall decor, office walling, home wall decoration, capiz shells natural stone covering, wall surface capiz, capiz wall decor and capiz wall papers.


dfd Capiz made hanging, table and floor lamps lighting products

Cebu Capiz Shells for Home and Resorts Decoration

Cebu Capiz seashells are also use to make beautiful home decoration, kitchen decoration and hotel decoration. Like Hanging Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Table Lampshades, Capiz Floor Lamps and Candle Holder for making your sorroundings very unique and luxurious design. The round cebu capiz chips called capiz Shell strings and capiz shell strands are use to make Capiz chandeliers, lamps, windchimes and capiz curtains. The chandeliers, lamps, curtains and windchimes can also be use in the hotel and resorts lobby decoration. Capiz seashells can also be use as home and kitchen decoration and shell utensils such as capiz napkin rings, plates, bowls and glass.

capiz shell chips

Philippines Online Shell Jewelry Manufacturer for export

Cebu shells is one of the leading Philippines online shell jewelry wholesale and manufacture for export worldwide. The main shell supplier in Cebu Philippines for fashion shell accessories, fashion shell jewelry like shell necklace, shell bracelets, shell bangles, shell earrings, shell rings and many more. Cebu shells is the most affordable and very economical for all Philippine shell jewelry products and all Capiz shell handmade products. Most of our clients really want our products not for the cheap products but for the export highend quality and fast ontime shipping order.

Capiz made kitchen utensils

Fashion Shell Jewelry made from real Capiz seashells Components

Capiz shells and mother of pearl are one of the top choices natural material to make fashion accessories, gift items, shell fashion jewelry, novelty and fashion jewelry accessories. Capiz shells are actually the outer shell of a marine mollusk, whose scientific name is placuna placenta and can be found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines. Capiz shells are also known as windowpane oyster. Capiz shell products are lamp shades, illuminated Christmas wreaths, jewelry boxes, trays and hot plates.

Capiz curtains for door and windows decoration capiz shell chips in different shapes made of seashells for making bathroom, kitchen and room floor tiles.

Capiz Mother of Pearl Shell Tiles and Wall Panels For Interior Walling Design

Capiz mother of pearl shell tiles and wall panels are uniquely handcrafted by Jumbo Pacific artisans for export quality. Capiz raw shells and Mother of Pearl seashells are carefully cleaned, processed and cut to make materials to create Capiz tiles and mother of pearl wall panels. Capiz shell tiles and wall panels are specifically made for interior design wall decor of the hotels, condominiums, residences, buildings and offices. Capiz shell tiles are use for capiz mother of pearl wall coverings and capiz wall surfacing. Interior designers select capiz materials for the interior wall decoration because of its natural effect like stones that are mounted on the walls. Jumbo Pacific Inc. is manufacturing and exporting capiz shell tiles and is available in different colors and design.


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Shell Jewelry Wood Crafts sample design

Probably the leading exporter and specialized of all Fashion Shell Heishe Jewelry, Shell Bracelets Jewelry, Seashell Jewelry, Raw of Pearls Jewelry, Shell Pendant Necklaces, Shell Mop Chips Jewelry, Cut Shells Jewelry, Shell Tiles, Shell Specimens, Natural Shell Jewelry and many more. is under JUMBO Pacific Inc., probably the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of capiz shells components for making capiz shell products.

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